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A Resource for Teachers of Creative Writing

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Using the OCEAN Model to Develop Characters
Sarah Joy Adams

Poetry As Conversation: Renga As a Class Project
Roy Beckemeyer

“I Feel Like I’ve Heard This Somewhere”: A Digital Dialogue Exercise
Michael Dean Clark

A Case for Workshop Alternatives
Karen Craigo

Collaborative Genre Fiction: A Group Writing Exercise
John Gerard Fagan

A House Is a Home Is a Human: A Writing Prompt
John Findura

The Mindful Zombie: An Exercise to Enhance Tone
Kristen Figgins

Learning to Throw Away…Or Maybe Not: Writing a Collective Poem to Teach Revision
Les Kay

Stick Figures in Action: Teaching Revision through Storyboarding
Barbara Krasner

In the Middle of Missouri, in the Middle of Pennsylvania: A Portable Exercise on Place
Marjorie Maddox & Gary R. Hafer

The Writing Laboratory: A Group Exercise
Katie Manning

How to Write and Perform Multi-Voice Poetry
Ashby McGowan

Creative Writing “Fieldwork”: Responding to the World Beyond the Classroom
Jennifer Moore

The Class You Want I Do Not Teach
N. West Moss

Seven Days of Strangeness (and Index Cards)
Julie Platt

Replica as New Revision: A Flash Technique
Forrest Roth

Concluding Lines: Image, Color, and a Prompt
Margaret Rozga

Permission to Suck: Trust the Process
Ki Russell

Translating Hip-Hop into Shakespeare: A Code-Switching Exercise
Candice Kaup Scioscia

Illustrated Limericks: A Service-Learning Project
Kristen Sipper-Denlinger

The Trapeze: Teaching Trust in Creative Writing
Cassie Premo Steele

Dance Moves: Using Video Clips to Surprise Students into Writing
Keri Withington


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