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Issue 9

Winter 2017

Poetry & Short Prose

M. J. Arlett

Fiddler Crab
Maggie Blake Bailey

Sleep II
Tammy Bendetti

Angela Doll Carlson

I Want to Write a Poem to Celebrate
Barbara Crooker

[you might choose to read these poems]
Darren C. Demaree

Unnecessary Evil
Patricia L. Hamilton

Resident Forces
Seth Jani

Janna Knittel

Little Star: Week 8
Cameron Morse

Night Sounds
Sergio A. Ortiz

Man Myths
Martin Ott

Felling Trees
Alison Palmer

How to Grasp and Hold
Luci Shaw

Anya Silver

Leave the pining to the trees
Kaytie Rose Thomas

Sheila Wellehan

Kami Westhoff

World War, 1949
Anne Harding Woodworth

Five Days in the Iowan Outback
Chila Woychik

Pedagogy Papers

Using the OCEAN Model to Develop Characters
Sarah Joy Adams

Illustrated Limericks: A Service-Learning Project
Kristen Sipper-Denlinger


Seething with Red, Savoring Blue: A Review of The Uneaten Carrots of Atonement by Diane Lockward
Rachel Dacus

A Poem Is an Unwelcomed Apocalypse: A Review of Book of No Ledge by Nance Van Winckel
Tanner Lee

What Lies Beneath You: A Review of Sweet/Crude: A Bakken Boom Cycle by Heidi Czerwiec
Benjamin Stallings


Book as Artifact: An Interview with Jordi Alonso about The Lover’s Phrasebook
N. West Moss