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In the Meantime

I am not here anymore but I am fine. —Inscription from Billy Name to Andy Warhol


the moon glows red.
It’s a twenty times
five equation. It’s a list
of lists that lists to one side,
the reason here and there
seem far apart but prove
Fine is the silt
creeping in corners
slipping through the holes.
At once a prince and
desert dune—
a nighttime dreamless and dry.
You only add so much.
Eventually there’s simply no difference.


Christina M. Rau is the author of the poetry collections Liberating The Astronauts (Aqueduct Press, 2017), WakeBreatheMove (Finishing Line Press, 2015) and For The Girls, I (Dancing Girl Press, 2014). Her poetry has appeared on gallery walls in The Ekphrastic Poster Show, on car magnets for The Living Poetry Project, and in various literary journals. She practices yoga occasionally and line dances on other occasions.


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